Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

TRAC Update - The Cornwall Council spin

Cornwall Council has issued a press statement this morning about the decision to abandon the TRAC project to deliver a multi-use trail from the town to Egloskerry. Originally, this promised to be almost entirely off-road and to deliver an extension of the steam railway from New Mills to Egloskerry.

But reading the Cornwall Council spin, you would never know that. Instead, the new plan to have a half on-road, half off-road trail as far as the scrapyard is portrayed as some sort of victory.

The council spin claims that they had a 'positive meeting' with Defra and that the government department was 'willing to consider modifications to the project'. It seems that Defra's pointing out that Cornwall Council had flagrantly breached the terms of the original deal wasn't considered newsworthy. Neither was the demand from the Government that the council hand back around half a million pounds.

The people of Launceston who have backed this project from the start deserve better from the Council than this deceit.

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