Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Launceston Schools getting a £366,300 funding boost

Schools in Launceston are getting a funding boost of more than a third of a million pounds next year thanks to an increase in the Pupil Premium. This targets extra money to schools depending on the number of children from disadvantaged backgrounds they have.

The pupil premium was a key commitment of the Liberal Democrat manifesto at the last election and started of at £600 per pupil per year. But from next April that will rise to £900 per pupil.

In Launceston, the amount each school will receive from April next year will be:

St Catherine's  £45,900
St Stephens  £77,400
Launceston CP School  £43,200
Launceston College  £199,800

The Pupil Premium covers any primary or secondary school pupil who has been registered for Free School Meals in the past six years. For 2013/14, the Premium will be worth £1.65bn, or £900 per pupil, in total.

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