Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Cory-fail update

I posted on Saturday my frustration about the failure of Cornwall Council's waste contractor - Cory - to send the big street cleaning machine to clear up after Late Night Shopping.

First thing on Saturday morning I called the council only to be told that the call centre couldn't get hold of anyone who could help. As a result, the lone street sweeper had to be joined by local shopkeepers and business-owners who abandoned their businesses to try to get the town looking as good as normal. But even then their abilities were limited as the high pressure washer capabilities of the street machine were needed.

Today I received an email from the council to tell me that someone at Cory decided that they knew better than the people who have organised Late Night Shopping for six plus years. Cory decided that we didn't need a street cleaning machine and so they didn't send one.

I could have understood it if they had got in touch with Sasha - the event organiser - to check whether extra resources were really needed. But they didn't bother to do that. Instead they just decided to ignore the request and not show up.

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