Rabu, 26 September 2012

The Leader writes...

Each fortnight, Cornwall Council's leader writes a column in the local papers. The one that will appear this week is more notable than most. Here are some extracts:
"I want to make it absolutely plain that I am in total agreement with the Government’s approach on tackling the national debt crisis"

"It is, therefore, inevitable that further reductions will be required from local government."

"I have every hope and belief that by continuing to implement creative efficiencies and opportunities, such as those represented by our Shared Services Strategic Partnership proposal, by fully exploiting other opportunities to integrate with our public sector partners, such as health and police, by taking opportunities to generate more income ourselves, such as green energy generation, and, if necessary, some reasonable increases in local council tax, we can continue to protect most of those council services that we all highly value."
The last one is an 81 word sentence, which at least proves he writes these messages himself. But the key messages appear to be that Cornwall's Conservatives are fully signed up to Plan A austerity, envisage making further front-line service cuts and charging taxpayers more for those services that remain.

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