Kamis, 20 September 2012

Royal Mail DON'T say sorry (UPDATED)

I had a call from head office this morning to tell me that they would like to apologise for giving me misleading information before. They have discovered what they refer to as 'management issues' in the Launceston Delivery Office and tell me they have taken the appropriate action. They now accept that there have been problems with local deliveries and they are taking action to put them right. They are, hopefully, sending me an email with an apology in it and I trust that this will be an apology to all residents who have suffered postal delays, not just to me for providing me with wrong information.

That's all well and good, but I am told by local delivery staff that this management action is not to provide the desperately needed extra delivery staff, but to suspend a local manager. The local staff tell me that this local manager is not to blame and that the fault lies with people up the line who are refusing to provide enough staff to cover the rounds. Some staff are currently working almost double their contracted hours and it is still not enough.

Whilst I'm grateful for the apology and glad that Royal Mail appear now to be taking this issue seriously, it doesn't yet appear that they have grasped that the basic problem is that they are not providing enough staff on the ground.

UPDATE - The email has arrived and is reproduced below. Sadly it doesn't actually contain an apology. Royal Mail simply say they were sorry to hear that customers had raised concerns. I've emailed back to suggest that they might like to actually consider an apology.

Dear Cllr Folkes

It was good to speak to you earlier.

As we discussed Royal Mail is heavily regulated by an independent body, Ofcom, and our Quality of Service (by postcode) is a key indicator to how Royal Mail is performing. We take seriously any concerns that are raised by our customers in relation to performance. Thus I was sorry to hear that customers had raised concerns about the service they were receiving in the Launceston area recently.

As a result of our conversation an internal investigation was carried out. From the findings of the investigation it would appear there were some performance management issues at the delivery office during the week commencing Monday 3 September. As a result Royal Mail is taking the necessary steps to ensure service is restored.

I hope this answers your questions and should you require any further information do let me know.

Best wishes

Michael Hogg
Public Affairs Manager
Royal Mail Group
100 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0HQ

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