Kamis, 24 Juli 2008

I, Number 16 bus shelter, do take thee, Tulula does the Hula from Hawaii, to be my lawful wedded wife...

This story from the Beeb has made me chuckle. It seems that parents in New Zealand have been calling their children all sorts of weird and wonderful names.

The name that brought it to a head was the aforementioned 'Tulula does the hula from Hawaii'. The nine year old girl was so embarrassed that she refused to tell anyone her name and wanted simply to be called 'K'. So from Bob Geldof to emo in a single bound.

Other names which have been rejected include:

Yeah Detroit; Stallion; Twisty Poi; Keenan Got Lucy; Sex Fruit; Fat Boy; Cinderella Beauty Blossom; Fish and Chips (twins)

But names which were allowed include:

Violence; Number 16 Bus Shelter; Midnight Chardonnay; Benson and Hedges (twins)

I quite liked 'Yeah Detroit' as a name. For a band, obviously.

UPDATE: One of the commenters on the BBC story has a name that has had me giggling a few minutes now. Step forward Mr (I presume) Egnorwiddle Waldstrom

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