Minggu, 27 Juli 2008

George Carey: visionary free thinker or bigot?

As a number of others have commented, the article by Lord Carey in the News of the World today is utterly repugnant.

I hold no brief for Max Mosley, but what he gets up to in private with consenting adults is his own business.

To quote the former Archbishop:

"Unspeakable and indecent behaviour, whether in public or in private, is no longer significant under this ruling."


"Max Mosley claimed that what consenting adults do with each other behind closed doors — however depraved, brutal and repugnant — is both private and harmless. I think that is deplorable. And I believe most people would ridicule his claim."

Carey clearly seems to have a hang up about any sort of sexual practice that is not 'normal' and feels that it is the right of the papers to publicise such behaviour and for people like him to tut-tut about it in handsomely rewarded columns in those same newspapers.

So who is to decide what is 'normal'. I have no doubt that Lord Carey would quite like the job for himself.

(Presumably pictures of women with no clothes on is considered normal according to the Carey test).

In the interests of completeness therefore - and purely because Carey has decided that he has the right to dictate on such matters - I think we have the right to be told by Carey what he considers normal, what his experience of each and every one of those activities is and whether he has engaged in any 'unnormal' sexual practices.

And is it really the case that Carey wants to see the News of the World (and all the other papers) devoting even more space to exposing the bedroom antics of the rich and famous - or even just ordinary joes.

And presumably he is quite happy that the News of the World carries vast numbers of ads for sex lines and other sex based services in its pages each and every week. (If he doesn't approve, that would make him, ooh, a hypocrite).

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