Kamis, 10 Juli 2008

David Davis

Yesterday I posted about David Davis on the basis of a quote in a piece by Martin Wainwright in the Guardian. Martin has now admitted he made an error with the quote and a retraction appears in today's paper.

He wrote to LDV:

Just to alert you asap to the fact that the quote attributed to David Davis by me about the LIb Dems ‘funking it’ was my fault - putting you in with Labour in a rush - and we are running a correction. Sorry, age and haste. The Correct quote is on the Guardian audio material on the website. The draft correction I’ve just sent reads:

In a piece on the Haltemprice and Howden by-election published on July 9, we wrongly quoted the Conservative candidate David Davis as saying that the Liberal Democrats had ‘funked’ the poll. He has always made it clear that he is grateful for the Liberal Democrats’ support for his views on the 42 day detention and related civil liberties issues. The mistake was made in transcription of the related audio report which carried his actual comments, and we apologise for that.

I am happy to delete the post, apologise to Mr Davis and withdraw the comments in it.

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