Kamis, 29 November 2012

Councillors say no to office weddings

Another day - another victory for common sense at Cornwall Council. Today, councillors backed my campaign against holding ceremonies in offices.

In what many saw as a petty move, the Conservatives were proposing to force those who could only afford the cheapest wedding or civil partnership service to hold them in busy registration offices rather than the bespoke ceremony rooms.

Today the communities scrutiny committee looked at these proposals as well as the wider proposal to change registration office hours and to downgrade registration staff. We felt that this was a retrograde step at a time when the council should be doing more to encourage people to come to Cornwall for marriages and civil partnership ceremonies. There were also concerns that the proposals would discriminate against people with disabilities.

I've had a lot of correspondence from registration staff on this issue and they clearly felt that their concerns were not being listened to by management.

I'm happy that the scrutiny committee backed my strong rejection of the proposals and demanded that the people who take the decision (who weren't actually at the meeting today) think again.

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