Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

New season ticket prices start tomorrow

From tomorrow (1st August) the new season ticket prices for the Cattle Market car park in Launceston come into effect.

Instead of being charged £470 for a season ticket, the new price will be £200 for the year.

Town centre workers and residents will have just three months to buy the tickets at this price as this is a trial only. 

The season ticket can be obtained by using the online request form on the Cornwall Council website or by telephoning 0300 1234 222 and providing details.  In both cases the permit team will contact the individual to take a payment and issue the permit.  Payment can be made by credit or debit card, by cheque or in instalments by direct debit (2 months payment in advance will be required).

Existing annual season ticket holders can exchange their current tickets for the new Cattle Market ticket and receive a pro rata refund.  

In normal circumstances the customer seeking a replacement permit would send in a permit for replacement and would be expected to pay for their parking while awaiting the replacement.

To reduce the time that the existing customers are without a permit the Council is facilitating exchanges of old and new permits to take place for one week beginning 20 August at Launceston One Stop Shop.  Please note that permits must be paid for in advance via the permit team and cannot be purchased at the One Stop Shop.  Replacement permits will not be handed over without receipt of the old permit. 

Existing season ticket holders that cannot exchange during this week will have to send in the old season ticket and pay for parking until they receive the replacement permit.

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