Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Dutson Road plans approved

The planning application to convert the former Abbeyfield Home in Dutson Road into 11 flats has been approved by Cornwall Council at tonight's planning committee.

Following representations from local residents and the town council, I had opposed this application on a number of grounds and achieved some success in changing the original proposal:

  • I argued that the intention of having just 9 parking spaces for the 11 flats was not sufficient for a development where it could be assumed that there would be at least one car per property. There are now 11 spaces being provided, but I remain concerned that some are too small and difficult to get into and so people will park on the road instead - causing congestion and danger;
  • I argued that there should be a contribution from the developer to education provision in town adn this was accepted by the committee which imposed a condition of a contribution in respect of the three 2 bedroom flats;
  • I argued that the exit for cars onto the highway from both front and rear car parking spaces was dangerous and would lead to accidents. Unfortunately this argument was not accepted by the committee.

The proposal that has been agreed is a step forward from the original application and I am glad to see these improvements. Although I remain concerned about road safety in the area, the bringing back into use of this building is a good thing and I wish the developer well.

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