Kamis, 16 April 2009

Farewell to Clement Freud

I really love Just a Minute and Clement Freud is about the best panellist there has been in my time of listening to the programme.

And so when I got to meet him during a Lib Dem Leadership Election when he backed Chris Huhne I came over all fanboy. I went to his flat in Marylebone and turned up early. He was incredibly charming and happily chatted until the appointed hour for the photo I was taking of him and Chris.

Listening to the tributes earlier today, I loved the one told by Stephen Fry on Today. On a Parliamentary trip to China, Freud and Winston Churchill the younger were staying in a hotel. Freud found that his room was far inferior and asked the hotel manager why. He was told that Churchill had the better room because he had a famous grandfather. Freud complained that it was the first time he had been 'out-grandfathered'.

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