Selasa, 28 April 2009

Clegg comes to Cornwall

Nick Clegg was in Cornwall last week to visit the local NHS Trust's food unit near Barncoose Hospital.

The Trust has decided to seek to source all their food locally if possible and to produce it themselves. Not only does it mean better food and fewer food miles, but they also seem to manage to produce it for the same cost as the multi-nationals do. Cornish produce is fantastically good and it's great to see the NHS making the best of it.

Nick and local MP Julia Goldsworthy had a go at making their own pies. Not bad efforts, but perhaps not up to the standards of the production unit.

To serve the food to patients, it is loaded onto hostess trollies and dished up at the bed-side. I would hate to be on 'nil by mouth' as the trolley went past as the smell even while we were there was great.

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