Selasa, 15 April 2008

Poor diddums

The hacks travelling to the USA with Gordon Brown are bewailing the loss of dignity of having to travel via a Titan Airways charter jet. Both Sam Coates of the Times and Andrew Porter of the Telegraph have complained online that neither BA nor Virgin had a plane available and so they have to travel in a charter jet.

And Sam Coates complains that this is costing £2,200 a seat.

Well just have a look at the Titan website to see what suffering the poor dears are having to put up with:
  • 96-100 sumptuous leather seats
  • Extensive leg room
  • Reclining seats with footrests
  • Audio and visual in-flight entertainment
  • Superb cuisine and fine wines
  • Exceptional personalised service
  • Attention to unique customer details
  • Bespoke in-flight service
100 or fewer seats four abreast across the Atlantic - that sounds to me like Concorde. And Concorde cost a hell of a lot more than £2,200 return!

Get over it moaners

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