Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Is there really such a thing as too much renewable energy?

According to Western Power Distribution, the answer is yes. The company claims that the infrastructure will shortly be insufficient to cope with the amount of energy being generated by renewable sources such as wind and solar in Cornwall.

I presume that the problem isn't simply confined to renewables. If someone were to build a nuclear or other big power plant in Cornwall then I presume the wires wouldn't be able to handle that either. But there are no plans for such schemes in Cornwall (and nor are there likely to be), but there are still many renewable schemes in the pipeline.

Western Power Distribution say that the schemes that currently have permission are sufficient to take the current network up to capacity. Would this be grounds to refuse more schemes? I would hope not. Surely each application should continue to be considered on their individual merits - good schemes will be approved and bad ones rejected.

My colleague Robin Teverson has hit the nail on the head, saying that the real problem has been the failure of Western Power Distribution to invest in the infrastructure themselves.  

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