Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

Newport Road crossing

This afternoon I had a meeting with highways officers to discuss the ongoing quest for a safe way for pedestrians to cross the main road at Newport Square or St Thomas Road. As regular readers will know, money for a crossing was in last year's budget but the project was delayed by a lack of design resources.

The engineers have modelled three options for how a crossing might work. The first two look at the obvious option of adding a pedestrian phase to the traffic lights. Whilst this would be feasible, the knock on effect on the length of time that cars would end up waiting at the junction at peak times is very worrying.

The other option would be an informal refuge type crossing a bit further up the hill towards town. The trouble with this is that it would do little to serve the proposed TRAC trail between Polson and Egloskerry which it is suggested would cross the main road at the Newport Industrial Estate junction.

So the officers are going away to think some more. I'm grateful to them for the work they have done so far and am confident that we will come up with some sort of scheme in the near future.

In the meantime, they are also looking at introducing a length of pavement on the industrial estate side of the road between the junction and Station Road. They are also looking at better understanding the traffic flows to see if the current lights could be re-timed to reduce waiting times.

As with many local problems, there isn't a simple solution, but I am confident that this one is now being addressed.

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