Sabtu, 26 September 2009

Toying with Miriam's bra strap (or why Jo Swinson is wrong)

Conference started with the debate on Real Women and, in particular, on a policy proposal to force the details of any airbrushing of photos of adults to be listed with the photo.

Conference ended with a perfect example of why this policy is rubbish.

As Nick Clegg and his wife Miriam left the auditorium there was the usual mad scrum of photographers wanting photos of the couple. Unfortunately, Miriam's bra strap slipped. It happens and no one really cares but it looks slightly embarrassing for Miriam. Most press photographers would not make a big deal of it. They would quickly airbrush out the strap as cropping would take out one of the key players in the photo. The other alternative is simply not to use those photos.

If Jo's policy was in force, you would either not have the image, you would use a version which would embarrass Miriam or you would have to list the airbrushing on the photo and this would cause similar embarrassment.

So Jo - what's it to be?

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