Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

The questions Lembit DOESN'T have to answer

James Graham's anti-Lembit crusade is becoming a bit silly.

So you don't think he is the best person to become Lib Dem President. Ok - your opinion.

So you want to write (occasionally) amusing stories on the ineptness of the start of his campaign. Once again, fair enough.

But it is perhaps a little over the top to castigate the man for failing to answer your questions.

First - the questions aren't exactly neutrally phrased. And Lembit could probably expect that the answers would be brutally fisked. Solution - don't offer up ammunition.

Second - you have shown you're not entirely pro Lembit. You don't have to be, of course, but I can think of far better things for Team Lembit to do with their time than spend it answering your questions.

I'm not on anyone's campaign team and haven't publicly declared who I have voted for (and I won't). I happen the think that any of the three candidates could offer something positive. I'm not really in a position to bemoan negative campaigning, but I do get a ittle hacked off with a blog which is becoming more hatchet job than anything else as regards the Presidential election.

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