Kamis, 27 Maret 2008

Nick in Birmingham in Pictures

Nick Clegg was in Birmingham today to visit the Heartlands hospital in the middle of Hodge Hill constituency with PPC and local councillor Tariq Khan.

Heartlands is a Foundation NHS Trust. Lib Dems were sceptical about the benefits of FT status but Heartlands is one which has grasped the opportunity FT status affords very eagerly. As well as recruiting more than 70,000 people to their electorate (the patients and local residents who can vote in Trust elections), they have also undertaken innovative development work to improve their IT systems. Whilst every major Government IT project seems to be late and over budget, Heartlands have developed a form of electronic patients notes system which is portable and allows medical staff better access to matient records at the bedside.

At the moment, the system works on a portable desktop computer, known affectionately as a COW (computer on wheels). But they hope to have the tablet format up and running very shortly.

Nick met with nurse Medel Toletino and patient Henry Seabourne to look at the new system in action.

Afterwards, Nick met with patients' representatives Marguerite and Gerry at the hospital's patient information unit.

Pics: Nick looks at the COW system with nurse Medel Toletino and patient Henry Seabourne; Nick talking to patients' reps Marguerite and Gerry; Nick in Birmingham with Tariq Khan.

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